My first non machine grow I need help lol 😂

Am I doing anything right here ? I have a grobo and have used that with success but now transitioning to a soil grow is a bit more of a learning curve I’d love some help if you guys wanna share your input this is what I have currently going I grabbed this plant from a buddy and I’m not sure what I should keep my light at I assume veg but it’s getting close to the top of the light should I just take it outta the tent and put it in the closet in the open??? Help!!!


Hey there is that a Sativa? If so do know how tall it might get? What is the height of your :tent: and is there anyway the light can go up some more? If you think it’s done stretching and you want to leave her in the tent, there are a couple things you might try short of topping her. Try a bamboo pole and gently tie the. Top cola away from the light and or gets some magnetic hooks… other than that you could take it out and leave it the closet. Looks like a nice :seedling: :sunglasses:

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First thing I notice is nodes are SUPER far apart. I think that’s genetics but I’m not experienced enough to comment truly. Also, tent is too small to flower any strain. Plant looks healthy but I don’t think it’s the right environment.

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