My first black Friday buy of the day

So I’ve purchased a gobo start can’t wait until it arrives


Same, here, will be fun to experiment. I plan to try some kale in it when not in use for cannabis


I’m sure my wife will be using mine or in gonna have to order her one as well. I’ll see how I like it. I’m curious to know how the transfer to the gobo will work. That will cut the whole germination process out in guessing.

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I picked up a curecork as well as a personal rosin press…thank you Black Friday!

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Thought about a rosin press. But decided to wait until i can actually produce some buds lol. Figure one step at a time lol


I wanted to be prepared. Couldn’t pass up on the Black Friday deal. Plus, I’m maybe a month from harvest so two months to pressing.

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Sweet I’ll be starting back up this evening waiting on coco pods to be delivered

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