My Automated Grow

It has certainly been a while since I was active here. It’s been nice to get emails every few months of people replying to the last topic I created here (1.5 years ago) and seeing what has changed with Grobo… and what has not.

This isn’t a post showing what I’m growing, it’s showing my grow. Here’s my setup:
(2) 4x2 grow tents (named after friends who are no longer with us)
(2) Mars Hydro SP150 in Norby
(1) HLG-260 RSPEC

Both of them are currently in coco autopots but have been doing DWC in these for a year now.

Technology stack:
Raspberry Pi 4 (currently migrating to VirtualBox) running Home Assistant operating system with a GoControl ZWave controller (all in ~$200)
Aeotec 6in1 multisensor (temp, rh, lux, motion, vibration, UV)
Zooz Zwave Power Strips (provide control and power monitoring/reporting)

Here’s the main control page:

Settings page:


and what would an automated grow be without the ability to see your own data, trend it over time and visualize it? Pretty silly, that’s what.

Next steps are going to be adding ph/ec monitoring using atlas scientific probes once my summer quarter is over in August. Around that time I’m likely going to be doing a full write-up as I migrate my system to a new controller. If there’s a desire from here, I’ll come back and provide it.

Hoping to inspire others to give this a go or share their grows. Shoutout to LED Gardener on YouTube for the initial inspiration.


Ahh, I do have pics of my grow handy. Currently in a G-13 pheno hunt.


Nice mini jungle! Wish I can smell that boutique uff


Nice setup… Looks bad ass… Thanks for sharing I will be following