Multiplant unit

Hi! Looking forward to receiving my grobo unit in a couple weeks (ordered last week). Was curious if you guys had any plans on making a multi plant unit? Thanks!


Can you answer this question?.. :thinking:

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Hi @Mike80,

We definitely hear all of our users with the feedback that’s been given to us and this is something we’re strongly considering for future products :slight_smile:




I’m just learning. So one at a time is good. Also if seed is male I’ll keep for cbd for my dog. If female, Wahooo all ours:))

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Just a suggestion. If male, plant another seed. Don’t waste 3-4 months.

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grobo could just offer an optional reservoir lid with 2 or 4 holes for coco pods. this way you could start multiple seeds at once. sometimes seeds don’t pop or one seedling is a lot healthier than the other. pick the best out of four and transfer it to the single hole lid.


I like this


I was looking into the bc northern lights before I got my grobo. So glad I got my grobo instead. It doesn’t seen usable like the grobo.

In the grobo there’s only enough roo. For 1 plant because the plant grows and expands. So how a plant unit like that on with 12 grow sites work out. There is no way in my opinion u could grow 12 cannabis plants at once in there. They would be squeezed to death, no real airflow. Am I wrong,?? Even with scroggin the grow sites are too close together.

The size depends on how long you veg … you can pop a seed and go 12/12 straight from seed and they will look like little Christmas trees

But why would u want that. The yield would be so small

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Some people like to have a bunch of varuety