Most recent to receive Grobo

Yea I got mine separate and got notifications for when it shipped and arrived. Not too far apart either. Think I actually got the nutrients and what not before the unit


I used the tracking number and FedEx says it will be here Tuesday. My seeds are coming tueaday. Hopefully i dont need to wait long for the grow kit to come.

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Did u get nutrients yet? Could go get some pods

I bought a bag of pods from parkseed that are the replica of the ones I recieved from grobo. I see no difference in size shape or when you soak one. @Osage recommended them. Using the coupon code I received “park40” will get you 5$’s off your 40$ order. Paying it forward like he did, thanks again :wink:

No not yet. I didn’t get the nutrients yet.

Dang you could start germinating seed and setting up grobo while u wait for that pod and nutrients. Really the pod that ud need to start, nutrients not so much

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Thank you guys for all the replies. I received my Grobo and about 2 weeks later my nutrients. I am now on day 6 of grow and looking healthy.


I’m about to go pick up my grobo from FedEx and was told my grow kit will ship out today. Cant wait.


So excited for you chef! I remember the feeling 23 days ago! Enjoy!!! :rainbow::seedling:

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Picked up mine last week. Got grow kit Saturday planted seed yesterday. It hasn’t did anything :worried: so far still hopeful. Will start over this weekend if nothing pops out by then.

@Justtryingtomakeit, Try soaking seed in glass, cup or wet napkin next time until it sprouts (1-3) days before you plant in coco pod. My seed sprouted over night before I planted it.

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All had to do is speak it up and I got action :sunglasses:


Make sure you have your Distilled or RO water.! Enjoy, have fun!


Got it on hand, had a drain and refill today!


Mind snapping a pic of the location of the clear plastic piece, like how it looks underneath the white tray with the cocoa coir. I took mine apart and can’t figure out how it goes back in properly or where it’s supposed to sit :-1:

I got your package and thank you… I was gonna install on the next grow…mostly due to the fact that my plant is scroged in my grobo this thing is a monster. 0828191137g_HDR|238x499



Beast mode activated indeed!



Just ordered mine tonight.







((#LetsHopeItIsAGirl)): :wink:






I ordered mine last week - When I paid, it said 3-5 days. Still waiting for it to be shipped. Hopefully soon.