Mold? Spider web? What is this?

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Think you’ve got Spider Mites Juvia :frowning: Are you seeing any other signs of bug damage other than the webbing, like tiny spots on your leaves?

Check this link:


This picture was of a plant that has been dried already so there’s no leaves to check, but it was fine when I cut it down. It was only on a few buds that I seperated from the batch. At first I thought it was mold.

S20200719_003 blah1

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Got ya, you did the right thing by separating. I would discard those buds and conduct a very in-depth inspection of the others.

Spider mite nest, neem oil.

It’s already been harvested

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Buds look great by the way :+1::+1:

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:spider: it is my friend… time for some Neem!

Would you really neem these after harvest and ingest them?

Interesting Question. I’ve used it for fungus gnats once and got rid of the critter in 2 days. I would never spray the Neem oil directly onto the Bud site . If the Bud is affected by mites and web, than it probably should be cut out! However the remaining plant can be sprayed. Stay away from buds. If all buds are affected, the RIP! Also don’t get that oil on your light because it will damage it! And don’t breathe it in…

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I sprayed it directly onto the soil. Not my plants. Curious if you can spray it onto the coco pod?

These buds have already been harvested, read above my man.

I must apologize😎the downside of sleep deprivation!!!

Haha no worries buddy, get your hands on some hammer ASAP!

Sorry my friend! Didn’t read close enough! Not enough :sleeping:. Neem is not your answer!

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Get some of this and spray it on your plant and coco pod during next grow. You can use it right up until 1-2 weeks before harvest.

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This plant has already been harvested, read above :joy:

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I edited it probably while you were replying, lol.

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