Mold or Spider Mites? Salvageable?

So I ended my second grow ever (purple haze) and I noticed on harvest day that there’s this white fuzz on my biggest buds :tired_face:. I’m having trouble discerning if it’s mold or spider mites. Either way I don’t really feel comfortable smoking it but I’m wondering if it’s salvageable to make a tincture. Pictures are below.


Sorry to see that man. Stephen had posted a video showing you could cook out what you want safely and then toss that away. Check out the Grobo yourube channel.

Ive messed up a lot of grows and lost bud, but i always get at least edibles out of it. Havent gotten into tincture and such yet but baby steps. Id definitely try to save what you can.
I would open a ticket at and we can check tomorrow when open and see if we can see anything to assist.


Bud Rot…

How high was your RH? Are your 2 fans working?