Missing screw in Door

There is no screw

Please tell me the size of the screw

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Hi @20012001,

With an issue like this, it’s best to put a ticket into support@grobo.io and we can assist you from there.


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flat fillister head

εˆ₯名 γ‚΅γƒ©ε°γ­γ˜γ€γ•γ‚‰ε°γ­γ˜γ€γ‚΅γƒ©γ€ηšΏγ­γ˜γ€ηšΏγƒ“γ‚Ή
θ‹±θͺžε countersunk head (machine) screw,
flat head (machine) screw
δΈ­ε›½θͺž εŸ‹ε€΄ε°θžΊδΈ
JIS JIS B 1111
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