Missing Badges

So I am a bit of a badge monger. Love them. As you can imagine when I join a site like allgrowers that has badges I check them all out so I can see which ones are attainable. When looking at my current badges I noticed at least three badges that I should defiantly have but have not been awarded.

  1. Reader Badge - I have read at least 2 posts that had over 100 replies.

  2. First Share - Well I have shared this post:
    Cheese Auto - New Born! - Share Your Grow - AllGrowers Forum | Hydroponics, Harvesting, Cannabis, and more
    on both my Facebook and my twitter.

  3. Grobo User - well I definitely own a grobo so WTF

Anyway, there is no allgrowers “help” section so I just thought I’d post this here. Can someone help me get my deserved badges?


I’m pretty sure the Badge section is run by a different company. Grobo uses them and may be able to give you some contact info so that you can get to the bottom of it.
I think we all are missing badges. Good luck!




(SomethingIsWayOffHere): :scratch_my_head::confused:


:scratch_my_head::confused: :thinking:


@SilverGrobo so only @Stephen works at grobo and only @Rich owns a grobo… I want my money back. I thought I owned my grobo. :space_invader:


Not sure what is happening, but I’ll see if I can plan some time next week to investigate. Seems like it’s not an uncommon issue with Discourse…here here and here.



Maybe @Stephen is the only grobo employee. He does all the things. :sunny:

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