Misadventures of the White Widow - (Ready to Top?)

@SilverGrobo Thanks for the tip, the white mold/fungus has been wiped off.

@Stephen She is getting worst. The end leaves now are brittle fall when touched. The bottle 4 and 5 seem to be using double the nutes as the rest. Could this be the source?

Pic from this morning 7/24/2019:

Pic from two days ago 7/22/2019

Also, I am on day 3/14 in “Late Vegetation” and she is still lower than the second fan. I might need you guys to buffer my veg cycle with some additional time.

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Hey @GuerrillaFartz,

Ok, time for plan B. I’ve pulled your recipe spicyness level down a bunch, let’s drain and fill the unit again asap. Basically we will do a mini/mid grow flush and see how she responds.



PS - Those leaves won’t heal and we will pull them off once more new growth comes in. Keep up with the great pics and we will save this little one!



Done! hopefully she’ll be able to recover :pray: :crossed_fingers:


Possible sign of root rot or browning from the coco pod? The roots did not feel slimy. Stephen currently has the nuts on super low to help flush so brown coloration should not be from bottle 5.

Pics from today:

Pic from last week

It’s been warm here in San Jose, CA for the past week and the water temperature is around 25.6C/78. Hydroguard is arriving today and hopefully it can help out my girl. Also, thinking about getting a water chiller.

Specifically this for $106,

Also, would love to hear from @Osage @LtcTerps @omacoder about their experience with a water chillers. Roots look amazing from water temperature thread.


That’s nute stain. Not root rot. If the roots were slimy, then you’d have root rot. Also I wouldn’t go with that Chinese piece of shit chiller. I bought the same one and it shit the bed a month later. Spend the $300 for a good chiller


Im glad its not root rot. Thanks for saving me $100. I am cheap, so for $300 I need to think about it hard.

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Well if you have a basement, or garage with concrete floors then I’d say put the box there. It will keep your water cool. If not then either you get the good chiller, or eventually you will get root rot and hydroguard won’t help. Temps in the 70 degree range is where bacteria specifically pithium(that which causes root rot) thrive. So it may not happen now, but eventually it will. I found out the hard way. :+1::v::joy:


The one I got works great so far. I was using hydroguard before I added chiller and I’ve done about 4 to 6 drain and fills since then. Roots are still very white and looking healthy.


I just finally got my system up and running. Too early for me to provide a report on my success of the water chiller.

Which one did you get? I am leaning towards the EcoPlus over the Active Aqua since it comes with a pump.

I have active aqua 10hp and 400 gph pump. With inch and half inch tubing.

Since nute burn seems to be under control, I figured it was time to give my girl a haircut.



I felt bad after the first cut, but I got over it

Since she is just recovering over nute burns, what should I do about the sites below?

Option 1:
Give her a week before I remove those sites.

Option 2:
Remove those sites soon?

Option 3:
Give her a week, and if those sites can grow into a new fan, keep them?

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Let her get big and do a topping soon looks like ur close to 5+ nodes

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Nute burn again!? @Stephen has turn down the nuts super low. Is it possible my EC meter is way off and needs to be re-calibrated? I am about to flush the reservoir and pull out all the bottles.

As for the temperature, air temp about 75 and been putting ice packs in the reservoir to keep it under 70.

Today (Day 30)

Yesterday (Day 29)


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Could have already been there and just showing signs now? I’m no expert though lol🤷‍♂️

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New growth looks ok. Could just of been some sort of plant hiccup and that leaf won’t recover. If more or any new growth shows some signs I’d react. :+1:


may want to purchase an ec meter along with ph and temp to get another reading from your unit. could need a calibration.

Just flushed on 2 days ago on Day 30. Today is Day 32 and it looks like nute burn is spreading on the current nodes. Maybe these nodes were already affected before @Stephen turned down the nute? Looks like she may lose 2 more nodes in addition to the previous 5 that were cut if things don’t get better.

The rest of the canopy still look healthy, but I am hesitant to clear the bottom sites until I get nute burn under control.


Lowersites to be cut now or later?

This morning (Day 32)

3 Days ago (Day 29)

pH in the upper range at 6.3, water temp at 68. No signs of root rot yet. Chiller and EC meter arriving today. Any suggestions?

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Just time needed now @GuerrillaFartz, keep us posted with the pics, they really help to see what the plant is telling us.


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