Microscope Trichome Pics?

Hi!! I’m having a killer time getting photos of trichomes. First problem is I have shaky hands, but even if I can steady them the fan is on the Grobo and moves the stems. But the hardest time I have is the light! Even if I double click the grobo on the back to make it in photo mode the light is still way too bright for my microscope. I see people with these great pics and was wondering what microscope you use and what do you do to the grobo to get the lighting to not glare? Do you shut off the grobo completely?


PS here’s some pics of how mine are coming out. Makes it really hard for me to see anything. Any tips or tricks?


Hey grower,

Grab one of these.

Then get some flat magnets and some adhesive. Secure magnets to the bottom of the base of the microscope. Attach microscope to the grobo inner wall securely with magnet, position on to bud. You will be steady Eddie now! Good luck!



  • (It’s Not Easy With All The Movements): (Getting Lucky To Share Some Is Priceless):

  • (You Can Try Clipping Off A Piece To Scope Out): {:microscope:}:

  • (What They Should Have Is A Microscope You Can Adjust From The Computer): (Why Would They Think It Was A Great Idea To Manually Turn The Dial While You Are Trying To Get A Great Shot Of Trichomes): (-Then- On Top Of This, [When You Got A Great Shot], The Scope Moves On You): (-Like- It Literally Moves On You): ([SomeOne] Walks By, It Vibrates):

Vibrations..1~~ Vibrations..~~ {:laughing:}:


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Thank you!!! That’s the same one I have! That’s good news, because I have the right one! Now I need the magnets and tape!! Thank you!!!


Thank you!!!