Microscope issue?

The pro gro kit describes a microscope that attaches to a cell phone, but you get the cheaper microscope without phone attachment.

I could have bought the components for less than the whole kit, and I didn’t get the microscope I wanted.

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Hey @jamestournas,

Hit us up at support@grobo.io and we can investigate this case for you. You should have a cell phone adapter that came with the pro grow kit.



Same Thing Here!! I Got My Kit Today, Was A Pleasant, But Slightly Disappointing Surprise… Just Very Slightly.
Was Almost Two Weeks After My Grobo, But Got Here…
Loved That My Girl Hooked It Up, But I Saw This Yesterday And Was Nervous To Open Up The Box. The Little Microscope Has No Way To Attach To Your Phone, Which Was A Key Feature! It’s Not What We Thought We Were Gettin Or Showed.

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Thank you, they immediately shipped out the correct microscope.

Just an aside, I know you’re a small business, but I assume someone made sure this was a one off and they’re not sitting in stock wrong.

Thanks for the quick response


They sent me out the correct one right away

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I received the same one in the pro kit, not what I thought I was getting, emailed support after seeing Stephen’s post on here and their response was sorry it was a mistake on the website, but it’s correct now and that’s it sooo…

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That bites… you expected something different, they should have made it right.

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Mine I ordered from them didn’t attach to the phone either. I thought it was supposed to be that way so I ordered the HiGrade one. I would love to have a phone adapter for the one from Grobo.


Mine is the little silver one in the pic. The new one with the clip was not available when I ordered. But I was disappointed in the silver one so am a little gun shy. I have dropped about $5k with Grobo this year. I have another big order out. I emailed to see if I can add one on.

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