Meter readings

Hi All :wink:

Top is Cabinet Temp
Then Water Temp
Then R.H

Both Temps seem ok although around +2° :wink:

Only day 3 germination but my R.H seems a little low or will that improve when she starts to show :thinking:?

V-early days I know :roll_eyes:! & New cam not really easing my anxiety :flushed:!:rofl:!..

Does save opening the door for a nose though & my legs :+1:


I put a Blink camera in my Grobo too! How did you mount it to the ceiling?


I mention it in a earlier post but basically you can buy a magnet the same size as just the weight in the bottom & with taking care it will prise out magnet fits perfectly in its place & Bingo! One Magnetised Blinks Cam :wink:
Should av been done by manufacturer in the first place :roll_eyes:!!

Ebay: 222621926971


Great idea, @Gmann! Thank you!

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