Merry Christmas and best in 2021

Hi everyone

COVID19 has definitely defined 2020.
Hugs to anyone else who lost their job or career due to the pandemic effecting their industry
Definitely a hard year to have a 18 year career totally destroyed from a flu disease
I hope you are all ok. This year has taught me more about mental health than what ive learned in my whole life. If anyone needs to chat i am always happy to listen. Im a big believer in helping the underdog and misfit toys as we all belong together
This group of people have been great to keep me in relatively positive spirits and some of the members generosity shown to me in the forums has been heart warming. I appreciate this greatly and want to keep repaying it forward
While i am not leaving the forums or anything as i am trying to break into this market from a previous sales history this will require my immediate and all future attention in 2021. As such ill still be around on the forums but likely not as much. Please tag me for any help and i will keep posting and sharing anything i can to help those on the forums.
There are a few new people whom i think would be great champions for 2021 whom have spent the time reading the forums, growing their cannabis and sharing together. I hope some of you step up as 2021 champions as we make way for new people, new views and ideas and some new collaborations.

I look forward to seeing the forums grow and more people coming om board daily.

2020 wasnt so bad.

More countries now have legalized or decriminalized cannabis which means this isnt going to stop growing anytime soon and we will still see many new things to come


Well said Todd! Along the lines of chatting for anyone that needs someoone to listen, i myself am always open as well. This is aa community and as such, we aall should want to see each other succeed whether it be with this hobby or in their personaal life as well. We have the Discord chaannel set up for anyone that wants to join. There are about 10 people so far, and there aare about 5 of us on there usually just chatting throughout the day. Whether that be personal talk, or growing in the grobo…it’s just a free chat.




I’m very new to this community and I can say it’s been a warm welcome! Everyone here seems to be quite honest and nice! Thank you allgrowers community!!


Happy to have you at allgrowers and hope you continue to share good times with us!


You’re the man Todd, it really is incredible the amount of effort you have contributed here on AG to help others learn and grow. I think it is only a matter of time before a lucky company discovers you and then it’s off to the races. You’re a good man Brother, get out there and kick ass. Happy Holidays to you and your fam my man.

Much love,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and to everyone else @Todd.grobo!!

I can’t tell you how much reading your message has touched me. In the couple of short months that I’ve been a member here, I’ve felt so much positivity that it’s truly been the highlight of 2020 for me.

I’ve struggled through a lot in the last 12 -18 months, not even much of it covid related, but it’s been the roughest time in my life so far. I find a lot of peace learning to garden cannabis and reading about everyone’s grows, and the uplifting positive feedback everyone offers here is truly inspiring! If the world were made of growers and smokers, right?

Anyway, here, and on Discord with @FireGuy and the other people who have started chatting there, I feel better than I’ve felt in a while. :wink: Thank you.

I will be tagging you @Todd.grobo! Your helpfulness is so very much appreciated, your kindness is infectious, and your positivity contagious! :smiley: :smiley:

Happy Holidaze!


@Todd.grobo, the champion who gave me confidence with my grow. Thank you for your wisdom, words of kindness and being our AG big brother.

Best of luck in all your endeavors!


You always had the confidence i just changed your perspective on it. You bought the grobo first right?
Thank you.


Yes the grobo was my first purchase :laughing:


Thank you Todd! All of us here really appreciate the help and advice you’ve given us. Good luck on your future endeavors! :+1:


Thanks for always responding to my posts! You’ve been most helpful for my growth as well as the rest of the community! Warm wishes!


@Todd.grobo Your words brought a knot on the back of my throat. And well said . We all have struggled one way or another with this COVID stuff and when we are all here everyone comes together to help each other out. Which you don’t see enough of that anymore thanks for the advice you have given us and best of luck on your future endeavors. We look forward on future posts or ideas


Thanks for the help!! You pop those seeds?


Nicely put :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Super skunk is on day 12. :smiley:


Let’s go!!! Enjoy my friend, happy growing !


Yes of course, thank you again. Always fun to get a new strain going. I wish we didnt have a limit to 4, if have so many going everywhere lol


Oh no doubt! I wish I could have my own personal grow room, but a grobo will do lol


Michigan has a twelve limit! :eyes::seedling: but I only want to grow two, we should have switched!