I really wanted to get this discussion out today to really see who need medical for there conditions? Have you taken antidepressants ? SSRI? And if so how did you’re body react to them ? Vs how it reacts for medical cannabis ?! Myself was diagnosed with ibs at the age of 15 and and been on antis and SSRI nearly my whole life , I bought grobo to trust cannabis growing and to achieve my goal in helping myself with cannabis , all sorts of it . I guess my main thing is everyone likes to smoke . But some people actually need this stuff for medicine . I was one of the first patients in the state of florida with ibs underage for medical mj back in 2017 , and the prices were too much to afford causing me to go back to antidepressants, this is coming to mind because as we speak I’m getting off some antidepressants right now , I’m currently withdrawing from lexapro and it’s not fun at all and it’s been eh a week about 8 days , and apparently the withdrawls are 2 to a month . When I use cannabis constantly it gets into my system and i also have withdrawls but not nearly as bad this . I’m talking gagging brain shock , siliva in stool , constipation diahriah , the whole nine yards on top of anexity, it wouldn’t be smart for me to lean into the cannabis while getting off antidepressants. And also I still have to get off of 150mg of bupropion xl . I’ve been dialing down research for the upper and lower intestine to see if I can find a power medical strain that will ease my pain . Ibs is related to chronic fatigue , anexity , depression , and with my I’ve had PTSD also in the past . My point across the line is cannabis Is way safer … more natural than most substance you can get from a doc . I just finished my first batch of ilgm strawberry kush , and it is curing at the moment . By the time I get off my meds she should be ready to burn down :slight_smile: but please share with me YOURE EXPERIENCES ! And you’re honest options about the matter I understand grobo is a grow box , but for some of us it’s a life saver …!


Youll find cooking and eating your plant very beneficial for ibs.


Good luck man, I can relate.

For me, I’ve found that a super-strict diet helps to minimize my IBS stress to the point where days or a week will go by without much if any discomfort at all.

As far as diet is concerned:

  • Learning how the preservatives used between different brands/products on shelves affect me was half of the battle. A large proportion of sauces and dry/canned foods on shelves have non-IBS-friendly ingredients. There is a very small selection I can actually eat and not regret.
  • Determining which food groups/families (like nightshades, dairy, glutenous, sodium-free, etc) was the other half. I was surprised by these findings as many of my favorite foods were to blame.
  • Also need to be mindful of spice/salt/pepper/garlic, as well as oils/butter used when cooking. I can’t eat at most restaurants (incl. fancy steak dinners) as they will put something in somewhere which unpleasantly surprises me at inopportune times.

Also, making sure to exercise once a day (walk for 20 mins, outside or on treadmill) made a big difference in my case. I found that walking about an hour or two after lunch made the biggest impact but even first thing in the morning was better than not at all.

All it takes for me to have a bad day or two is to eat a handful of something I shouldn’t be eating. That’s where cannabis comes in, it doesn’t always settle my stomach but it does at least keep my mind off of it.