Medical Licence in your state

Tell the process in your state to obtain MJ License? Is the license good for any state that has legalize marijuana or medical marijuana?

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Tagging @JonnyBlaze here. This question was directed to you, but on the 60 day grow photo thread. I’ve moved it to it’s own thread.

Funny you should ask , I went yesterday to see a MJ doctor…I paid 150 here in Vegas…I saw the doctor let them know what was wrong…had to show some type medical document that could prove I had surgery or some type of medical problem…and now I wait for my card …pretty simple

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Generally there are 7 major medical problems that would guarantee MJ card such as glaucoma, MS, Cancer, etc. I don’t want to waste money and spend $150 to see a doctor that may tell me I don’t qualify. What medical issue did you tell them you have?

I know what you mean…I come from California and all you had to tell the doctor was you had anxiety problems and they would give you your Mj license…so here in Vegas it was a bit different where I had to provide documentation…but most people get away with saying they have anxiety problems to get a card

I wonder if I can go to Vegas to see a doctor for MJ card. I wouldn’t mind traveling to obtain MJ Card. How are you loving the grobo? Im so undecided as a result of seedo’s false dreams lol.

Yes u cud get a license here but if you gunna travel to get one I wud go to California they are easy to get and very expensive …some places you can get it uber 50 in cali

I had a rough start when I got my unit but now that the storm has passed all I am seeing is rainbows :rainbow:…I love my unit my baby girl is only 6 days old and she is a beauty :heart_eyes:

Can I see pics please?

When the seedo does finally release I do intend to purchase one will see how the two compare :thinking:

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Crazy. In canada you just show up and tell them meds dont work and you want to try something new. Simple as pie. Crazy. Perhaps everyone will follow Canada’s lead in coming years

Florida here has a pretty beaurocratic way of getting your MJ card and it seems our state is still changing the rules around… but as of now, here’s how it goes down here:

Find out what your “qualifying medical condition” is.
Go to your primary doc and do the treatment for the condition.
Then go to your MJ doc when the primary doc’s treatment doesn’t work.
Then you take the MJ docs paperwork and file it with the state.
30 days later you have an MJ card.


We do have good doctors to learning more about the oils. That’s the coolest part!

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