Mazar Kush fatting up real good

The first photo is from today. The second is from 12 days ago.


I really need to lear how to do a better job lollipoping.

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I ended up schwazzing it without knowing the name of that technique. I was reading a few articles and decided to go ahead and do it. My next grow I’m just going to lollipop it and try to get an even canopy. Schwazzing is pretty high stress training. I probably will lose a few grams because of this technique.

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Your gonna have great buds though…
Lollipop under the red line…or clip off branches under line for better results…


Is it okay to do that? I’m almost 6 weeks into flower.

Do I snip off those small bud sites on the bottom or take the whole branch off?

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You can… I would snip off the bud sites and leaves under the line and cutoff the lowest hanging branches under the line…
Its all up to you how you defoliate but you’ll quickly learn that the method I’m explaining will get you the highest bud volume instead of ending up with popcorn buds or skinny buds.
Anyway you choose to defoliate is ok, if you wish to see how it grows like it is maybe next time you can try it this way and see which way you get the best results.



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