Mazar Kush dried and curing

I ended up with about 27 grams on this harvest. Just shy of an oz. which I was hoping for. I made a lot of mistakes on my first grow. Thanks to the Grobo support team she made it through some stressful times. The buds currently smell like fruity pebbles. I just started a new grow! Granddaddy Black.


Well done, congratulations! How long was your grow from start to finish?


121 days plus 5 for dying. I’m certain, because of some mistakes I made, the grow would have taken less time.


What was some of your mistakes?

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I had 2 bad first grows because I drowned the seeds. I never cleaned the grobo after those 2 seeds died. So, a possible sanitation issue.

During late veg my pump went out. I did not notice this for about 3 days In my estimation so the roots were blocked and couldn’t take up the nutrients due to lack of oxygen.

I didn’t calibrate my Ph probe on my first grow. From now on I will calibrate the probe when I sanitize the unit for my next grow. I will also calibrate right before the flowering transition.

I accidentally lopped off 2 bud sites.

I pruned too much during late veg.

I ended up schwazzing her which is a high stress technique. I was unaware that this was high stress because the article I read was a bit ambiguous.

The good new is - I Almost harvested a full ounce of, what seems, to be good bud. I figured I would make a lot of mistakes on my first grow and I was not anticipating no more than 1 oz.


I’m trying to make sure I’m not over pruning as well, after few days though she looks full and healthy again I’m trying to removed the bottom veg currently but not too much at once


That’s probably best. I think with my second grow I will only make sure the bud sites have enough light. I’m also going to try the Scrog method.


The defoliation aspect is by far the most daunting in my opinion. Everything else I believe can be learned via online research (if it’s not already handled by the Grobo), pruning however seems to be more of an art form that must be mastered through experience.


I 100% agree.


It takes some practice and finding the perfect time frames to do it again and again.