Mazar Kush 20 days into flower coming along

She’s coming along! Some nice orange pistols are coming in.


Very nice looking. Expect a great haul size :+1:


I’m just hoping for an ounce. This is my first grow. I ended up schwazzing the plant without knowing I was schwazzing and that this method was high stress training. I think I will take it down a notch on my next grow.


You did well here! I’m leaning toward schwazzing moreso than not in the future. If anything you probably could’ve removed a bit more of the lower stuff but I’d be happy with this for sure. It’ll probably bulk up a bit more over the rest of the flowering period.


how did the harvest turn out? Any pics? Final weight? Smoke report?

Hi. I posted all of that earlier. I got just under 1 oz. it was my first grow and I made a lot of mistakes. It’s been curing since June 19th. The cannabis smells like fruity pebbles and tastes the same. Very smooth. Its definitely a night time smoke. It takes a few minutes to kick in and when it does I feel no pain. It’s very narcotic like and it’s great for insomnia. To be honest I believe this Mazar Kush is better than most medical dispensary cannabis. I waited until 50% of the trichomes were amber then went into flush for 10 days using flawless finish.