May have a loss on my hands. Is she a goner?!

Other than the first few weeks having wifi issues at home knocked out the grobo a few times a day and sometimes causing the light to turn off etc. so maybe then i hurt her but otherwise id like to think i followed the steps like my first grow but shes not lookin so great. Day 6 of flower day 44 overall of 71 day hybrid auto recipe.


Is that piece of the coco pod on her stem at the base?
If so please remove, looks like dampening off there!
May benefit from using those fans if they’re not on.
Other than that she is in good shape! :eyes::seedling:


@Bplatinum9 looks like the original piece of coco that we use to cover the seedling was still at the base i pulled it off and yes fans have been on but i just turned the speed up. Thanks for the advice.


Dont need to use extra speed it could be too much!
Taking that piece of coco away will help! :eyes::seedling:


I’m a total noob, but I just wanted to add someone mentioned in another thread to clean the ph sensors weekly with the water change. I’m still new to all of this and I’m still in early veg. But, when I cleaned my sensors off, there was pink goo…which is icky lol


Not sure who suggested the cleaning every week but if you do that just remember that the sensors are very sensitive and could break easily!
Sensors are suppossed to be cleaned between grows!
Let Is know if the goo has a bad smell and is slimy!



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  • (You Can Do Her A Lot Of Good By Lifting Up On The [Pod]): (Looks Like A Case Of [DampingOff]):


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Thanks all for the advice! I’ve raised my pod slightly just now @SilverGrobo and after removing the piece of coco stuck to the “trunk” lol that helped @Bplatinum9 just the piece of coco and turning the fans up slightly helped so much and im sure raising the pod will help as well until i may need to sink it when it eventually nears the light like my first grow did. Day 10 of flower day 48/71 total.


And i did clean the sensors in between grows and calibrated but ive not heard weekly just in between grows or approximately four months

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Correct! :eyes::seedling: