Master Kush - week 4

Week 4/Day 23

Looks a little short or maybe not?

Leaves look healthy but the roots were growing around hoses, I gently pulled them away to free them.

The roots have a brown spot as well as 2-3 leaves with burnt tips. Hoping this is related to the roots getting tangled? Can you confirm if looks ok?


It is very possible that the roots were “dyed” by the nutrients. Your plant looks very happy otherwise. Are you seeing brown tips on leaves other than those that are touching the floor of the grow space?


@SWSVIC would you start training the plant at this stage?

I would be looking for that fifth node to top her. (Assuming it is not an Auto).


Good point, only the leaves that we’re touching the bottom were burnt looking. Looks great so far!

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I experienced the same when my plant was at that age.

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