I do not see a recipe for the seed breeder in which I received my seeds. The breeders website says 7-8 weeks of flowering time for my ‘Zkittles’ seed , but all of the recipe’s on the grub app requires more time. I am not sure which recipe to choose

7-8 weeks is 49-56 days, and ALL plants take at LEAST 4 weeks before they can begin flowering so i would say anything listed in Grobo at 100+ days is a viable recipe as with any training you aren’t going to hit under that. Who is the breeder?


I believe they are based in the UK. otherwise known as MSNL

From my experience, there’s not much difference in dosing of nutes. If you choose the same strain from a breeder 100+ days you should be fine. If not, choose either generic indica or sativa depending on the strain. You can also request a recipe here Grow Recipe Request | Grobo App | Automated Home Hydroponic Grow System

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