Many ask about LEDs - Who’s leading?

Many ppl ask about LEDs and there is too many questions to answer . I’ll keep it simple for any new users or anyone curious to try out LEDs. When I got hip to LEDs I was put on the HLG-550v1 Quantom Boards. These things blew my mind , it was such a big difference compared to my old single ended HPS bulb/hud fixture. One thing I realized is that you must buy the proper unit w the proper spectrum. They over-produced my single ended HPS and I haven’t switched back since . They’re Dimmable , lightweight , and doesn’t take up space. My AC unit doesn’t kick on every 15 mins and it’s definitely saving me some $$$ on my bills. One thing I just say is that the newer technology such as Gavita 1700e or the LuxeLighting LEDs have stepped it up a notch. These bad boys can roughly give you about 2.5/light if you dial them in correctly. Other thing people mention about those is that you must keep the intensity at 50% and gradually move your way up unless you want to bleach/burn/lock your plants. Another big topic that many ppl ask about is “what is R-SPEC” . R-spec are the added Red diodes that add more warm and red to your spectrum . This is ideal for bloom , and will help with flower development, production and resin production as well. If you guys seem interested and want to try out a “Newer” LED , I suggested you try the HLG Scorpion Diablo :exploding_head: they replace DE-1000w hps . The power of this LED is phenomenal.



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