Male or feminized pollen

Hey all fellow growers, I was looking to start actually doing some crosses and getting some seeds and was curious if anyone has a line on anyone selling or giving away male or feminized pollen? I plan on creating my own feminized pollen and currently have only 4 reg seeds (thanks @Vicc). For those interested, this could be even better than seed trades as you can just get the pollen and get tons of seeds from one plant! From what I’ve read, I don’t think crosses happen from feminized pollen, there MUST be male pollen and female flowers but I could be wrong. Curious on everyone’s thoughts on this and if anyone knows where it can be acquired without actually growing a male and collecting myself.


Using stored pollen is nice however there isn’t a guarantee that the father was a keeper so it can be a gamble. However still alot of fun to cross and breed.


That would be the nice thing about doing it through AG. Seeing the plants as they’ve grown and knowing where the pollen has come from. That’s assuming there’s no shadiness but this is a very good community here so I don’t see that being an issue.


This doesn’t really answer your question but my first question is are you wanting to make reg seeds or Feminized seeds?

The process is different most people use Colloidal silver to make the Feminized seeds (not the only way) It will make the plant make balls in turn will pollinate the buds making Feminized seeds



I’d like to make some fem seeds for now to increase my seed stock, as well as reg seeds to do some actual crosses. I’m aware of CS for creating fem seeds which is a different process than I thought it was. The CS basically creates a hermied plant, however not a hermie genetic to pass on through seeds. Just creates pollen sacs which are feminized instead of male. This feminized pollen can be used to pollinate existing flowers on the plant or stored and brushed onto another females pistils. But as it’s a female plant and female pollen, there’s no cross breeding as it’s not a TRUE mother and father…it’s two Moms lol. This has not been fully researched on my part so that last statement could be wrong. If it’s incorrect and true crosses are accomplished by female pollen and female flowers…FORGET the male pollen :rofl: :rofl:


lol I figured that…

It still can pass herm genetic’s through to the seeds… This is why reg seeds are better and more stable but you have to do with the males…


Correct but you collect the pollen from Female plant and brush it on Female plant different strain and you will have 99% female crossed seeds…

I’m just going to say this out loud… I believe if your looking to go down this path of Pheno hunting your better off everything yourself… Like Vic stated you have no guarantee the pollen you will receive is something you want… That being said I would think at the end of the day you want to be able to say this is my plant I created… To do this correctly you need alot of plants find the best males collect the pollen… Then find the best females to pollinate for Reg seeds… or find two super females herm the female you want pollen from and bush it on the female plant you wants seeds from… This will make a F1 cross Female Seeds

I have collected pollen before from Reg Male plants I’m not going to go into detail about it unless you want me…


This is true…which is why an actual breeding program should be in place to make sure the plants aren’t prone to hermie.

This is true. I would definitely be much prouder of the final outcome if I did it all.

This is where my issue lies with limited grow space.

This is why I started this topic. For people with limited space and time that wanted to try to go down this road, this would be an option. I can do the CS with my current grows to get my fem seeds next grow, but that’s 6-8 months before it can happen. Granted, i’ve got the time…but not everyone does.

I love info, so if you want to hit me up in PM i’m totally down for whatever knowledge you care to share!


When I was on this project I did all my males growing/pollen collection outside… This solved space problem and solved the biggest problem of pollen contaminating the grow room.

I’m not sure if you seen pollen off a male plant before but it makes a big mess it gets everywhere… And if you don’t do a super good clean up in your indoor room your next grow will be fully of seeds…

Sure can!!!


Unfortunately, growing outside where I live is 1) Illegal and 2) Impossible! Temp fluctuations during a normal grow cycle here in Phoenix, AZ are too high/low that cannabis wouldn’t survive.

Appreciate you man. You’ve been a wealth of knowledge so far…I’ll soak up whatever I can get from you :rofl:


Pm me with any questions you have


Best of look! I’ll keep a :ear: out!

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