Majo-v1.2-1000h-9 light from Alibaba

I took a gamble and ordered one of these…
majo-v1.2-1000h-9 from Alibaba. Same diodes, same drivers as hlg, I guess we will see what I end up getting for $722.00 shipped.


That light looks like it has great coverage.


I searched online for ever and there is very little out there about them except for on Alibaba. I found one or two forum threads where a couple people had used them and had good luck. I figured I would take the gamble for that price and see what happens. If all goes well I’ll hopefully end up with a really good light for about half the US price. I will definitely post some updates once it arrives.


majo-v1.2-1000h-9 grow light.
Receive my light yesterday. Got here way faster then I anticipated. I am very pleased with it. It seems to be quality construction. It does have meanwell drivers and the LEDs were advertised as Samsung, there’s no way to tell that I know of, but they are as bright as My Mars hydro light. It’s like the sun compaired to what I had!! They do have a couple different versions, one that doesn’t have all the wires on top and would look cleaner, but the reviews said the snap together connection left a little to be desired so I went with this model.


Since I installed this the plants in a 20 gal rdwc have gone from drinking 1 gallon of water a day to 2 gallons a day and I can definitely tell a difference in bud size after 11 days. Very pleased with this light so far.