Made my money back

I know everyone has their own way of growing and different levels of experiences and expectations
Yes the unit has problems. Yes they are not being fixed as quickly as you all would like but they are what they are.
All differences aside I’ve finally grown enough cannabis that one of my two machines is paid for.

I currently have completed four grows between 2 machines for a total weight of 120g having grown no cannabis ever before. Once the 2 grows in my current units are complete if I average my harvests at a minimum of 40g each I’ll have hit 200g.
Pricing in Alberta ranges from 12 $ a gram up to 20$ plus so for sale of argument I’ll use $11.99 and $14.99 as a price point.
Based on that I will have grown $2400 in cannabis at the 12$ mark and just under $3000 at the$15 mark.
That means I’ve paid for 1 unit and warranty after 1.5 years of growing. 6 successful grows. Four failures and I think 3 seed no pops.
I have some fairly complicated repairs to do on the next grow and have the parts sitting there to do them. It’s a pain in my ass for sure but the unit works and does what it says and I am learning a ton.
Would I change to dirt?
Yes I understand you can grow 2 lbs on one plant. However these units are more in alignment of the time I want to spend on it and how much space/venting and electrical energy I’m willing to provide to them.
I smoke 30 to 50g a month so quantity is something that’s considered.
This price point does not include about 300 to 400 in nutrients, replacement items or seeds which have totalled about 250$ canadian.

Hope this helps people see a time frame in which they can potentially make a return on their investment
As compared to dirt where you’ll make it back on 1 grow it is totally a matter of your lifestyle and particular circumstance.
Hope that helps


Great tutorial on funding! image


Nice to see some numbers!. Im still VERY on the fence about a second grow box. For me, I really enjoy the process, and the Grobo works great in my garage. So its not ALL about the money for me. But is a huge deciding factor.


I knew someone would want them.


this is great ToddYYC.
I was calculating in my head about 6 grows with 1.5ish oz to break even about 2years worth. so this aligns pretty close.
I think the factor is what you were paying for it.
In ontario the OCS was upto about 10$ min per 3.5g within a year of going legal. closer to 12 but sales have dropped so much alot of lower priced 7$ish bud has been selling.

Its not the only factor but it does play a part in it. I got the released discount so if I was buying one retail+tax and shipping it might be 3000ish all in and I’d guess about 3 years to break even. If your just looking to get cheaper and were buying blackmarket for 4 to 5$g I’m not sure you’ll really see your return.

That said I can’t really say how quality stacks up vs higher end bud…it might be abit of quality vs quantity too.
Plus ascetics I don’t have any interest in setting up a tent grow in the house with window venting etc… just not in the cards this self contained unit fits the bill perfectly.
Plus the hobby part is fantastic and fun.

In someways i see the grobo as training wheels for growing hydro…I’m not sure I’ll ever grow out of them but I certainly never would have tried without it.

I think if the unit can last without to many mechanical repairs I’ll be super happy long term.
For now (knock on wood) 5months into owning one I’m quiet happy and don’t regret investing one bit.


I dont buy from the legal stores here anymore due to cost factor alone. I’d spend 500 a week if that was the case.
I use speed greens atm whose pricing is around 5$ a g.
They have sales on oz all the time and I’ve paid from 90$ for 28g up to 200$ for 45 g of higher quality stuff.
There double aa rated stuff is like ok stuff. Littler balls but still quality. There triple aaa is what I would place the grobos quality at based on bud size and density. The quadruple aaaa rated product was like maybe 5 or 6 buds only but massive and solid. So they do have a range of product of varying degree and much cheaper than your local stores.
That’s how I compare mine.
My original goal was always to use as a transitioned to get a head start on like 10 foot tall plants outside. We have a small growing window outdoor here like 2 to 3 months with 5am to 11pm sunlight everyday. So I think they’ll do great and then everything is free cause rain doesn’t cost anything. I do not give them nutes outside they do fine.