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Hello Growers

We are at the day 6/14 of transition time , she is an Auto Northern light , i guess she looks no bad ,
i guess is the time to start a bit of LST …isnt ?

thanks for yr suggestion


It is NOT recommended that you start LST while your marijuana plants are flowering. Proper LST must begin when the plant is in the vegetative stage, because by the time you get fully into the flowering stage, the majority of the plant structure has already been formed.

If you’ve LST’ed properly in the vegetative stage, your plant should naturally start growing rows of colas along the flat table you produced, and you’ll get plants that produce bigger yields from your same grow lights. :eyes::seedling:


hello Bplatinum9
thanks for yr feed back …
but she is still in transition time , still at least 7 days before start flowering time .
So you guess is too late ?
And what should i do then …only a scrog net ?
thanks for yr reply

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Do you have any grobo supports?
They work really well and I use them to LST throughout my grow!
This way its not a lot of stress and you can pisition the branches to whatever direction you need them!
You can start earlier but your not in flower yet so its ok to use the supports still.
Now if you want to properly LST you start in early veg stage!
That way you a have plenty of time for those branches to bonsai. :eyes::seedling:


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