Low water level in tank

Check on my grow this morning and this is what I found looked in the tank and the cocoa pod was dry why is it not asking to fill?

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Coco should be dry eventually based on your plant looking young id say your bubbler underneath died
Take a look

Bubbler is still working the Pod was completely dry this morning I did a water change last week said you’re full congratulations

What do you think Todd should I scrap it and start over? Looks like she’s in shock…:grimacing: that’s at 19 days

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How do I get a Diagnostics run on my second grobo? This one doesn’t seem be working as well as the first one I bought this is the second grow I’ve tried this box and neither seemed like they grew like my first grobo attempt in my first box you the right person for me to be asking this? Still a newbie bro

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Dont panic start with submitting a support ticket to get everything checked out.
Then first thing is to remove the dead leaves they serve no purpose but food for bugs.
You already checked the bubbler and its good so next have you marked the nutrient bottles to keep track of nute blockage?
If not turn your bottles to the side and use a permanent marker to draw a line every time you do a drain and fill but make sure you wait a minute for the fill to register and dose nutes.
This way we can see which bottles are being used or overused and give you a better idea of whats going on.
Now we will have to wait for support and make sure the probes and sensors check out and then go from there.
Dont give up just yet!


Thank you I’m on it appreciate the help​:+1::face_with_monocle::point_left: