Low RH during cure

After drying to the point of small buds breaking off easily, about 7 days, I moved them to a curing jar. RH was sitting at 28%. I added 3 of the large Boveda packs (1 oz/pack) about a week ago. It is now sitting at about 45%. Is curing to get them UP to the low 60s, or keep them at the low 60s? Should I just keep slowly letting the packs do their job? Does the actual curing time start when I jarred them or once they reach about 60% RH?


I’m no expert but did some reading on it for you…

Looks like 60-65% RH is the desired range for the best curing process to take place.

If you’re under that, the best thing you can do is to add the Boveda packs and try your best to get it up to that range.

You may have dried a little too long and took most of the moisture out of the buds, especially if it was reading 28% RH, so the best bet is to let the Boveda packs do what they can to re-hydrate the flower.

It also says that below 55% RH the buds are too low to keep the curing process going, but if they are at 55% RH they can still continue the curing process but slower.

Also, the website stated that even if you dry your buds out too much, they still benefit from the curing process regardless?

65-70% humidity – When buds are slightly moist, your hygrometer will read 65-70% relative humidity after buds are in jars with a hygrometer for 24 hours.

60-65% humidity – When buds are in the cure zone, your hygrometer will read 60-65% relative humidity after buds are in jars with a hygrometer for 24 hours.

< 55% humidity – When buds are too dry to continue curing, your hygrometer will read less than 55% relative humidity, even after buds are in jars with hygrometer for 24 hours. If it’s between 55-60%, don’t worry too much! Curing will still take place, just perhaps a little bit slower.

So yeah, possibly dried out too much and lost all their moisture before you started the curing process possibly, but hopefully the Boveda packs will continue to raise the RH! It might be possible that too far gone will not be able to add enough humidity to get it up there though I think?

I think you have to understand that when they are harvested, you gotta dry them to a slightly moist but not wet level and then judge the curing from there… Start high and then air out and dry out if needed… Too dry and it becomes more difficult to add enough humidity I would believe…

edit: Also, again… I haven’t personally cured anything myself but I noticed no one had replied to this topic for a few hours so I gave it a shot.


I would agree with everything @pyromancy said! Next time I would pull them down sooner. You technically did what you were supposed to do by breaking stems to see, but after my 1st two grows, I’ve noticed that jarring a little sooner is definitely better… even after 5 days last grow, my stems didn’t feel quite ready but the buds felt dry so I jarred them. My buds were in the low 40s by then. After a couple weeks of burping with boveda packs, my rh was up and curing went well. I still burp mine daily a couple months later… I feel like it keeps the bud fresher and better tasting. Are the bodeva packs that you are using the 62%rh packets? I know they make other levels so make sure you have the 62%. Other than that, I would just keep the boveda packs in and just keep burping daily.