Love to sell my grobo

Hello everyone I will love to sell my grobo, I got the box 9 October 2019, for sure I sell it because I have so many problems that I can’t not solve and I try to work with the grobo support and they did all for find the problem, they send me a liltle wifi antenna, but still the box is not fonctionne normally, Like you see in the picture I put red circles for you can see the impacts before buying it, also I need to put a cartoon in the doors or not the doors dosent close, the biggest problem is that the box always diconected of the wifi, The grobo support told that’s everything should be fine my wifi have a strong signal and I just put the antenna in the box, but still I cannot do nothing with the aplication I need to do all manually, at the time that I press the button behind the box for opening the door the lights switch for the other blue and afther a feww seconde the grobo return on the wifi connection, Here the fun part behind, when I press The button for to the drain, the grobo just stop working, the light close the air pumps close evething close and the light never come back to the wifi connection I need to pull off the water with my hands and afther that need to unplug the grobo for 1min plug in again, and after all that the grobo connect again, and I forget Imposible to calibrate the ph probe so in 5 DAYS of grow the ph probe have drink all the juice of the bottle number 2, and both of my ph probe ec probe are new, when I do the calibrate the application told me all is successful but when I press the button for calibrate the machine pass to the lights disconnected,

Maybe someone can solve the problem and use it because that’s not for me, in 3 years I lose more genetic that I grow plant, only one good plants in the box and the only time that box working well, allway did a very good Maintenance on the box almost more that the plants inside the machine ahah, so if someone is interested for sure I sell it for very cheaper price that I pay with shipping every thing I pay 3100$ canadian, love to sell half price or more, I from Canada

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