Lost wifi connection - wont reconnect [RESOLVED]

Hi there, I lost wifi connection in the middle of the night…my LED light is solid green, my unit does not show up in my wifi settings…any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Also, my water level is way below the ‘low fill’ line, and I do not think the pump is running.

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My grobo has lost connection a few times. Pulling the power for a minute or so has always cleared that up.

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Thanks so much for your response.

It worked I am back online.

Has you pump ever stopped working ?

Mine doesn’t seem to be circulating

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Open a ticket @lolo astley can stop. And depending on your plant stage you’ll need to replace




((#ThankYou)): @dog_break for saving the day… :partying_face:



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I have not had any problems with the pump itself, but I have had a problem with one of the float level sensors not engaging and the pump did not shut off automatically when filling. Opening a ticket will allow Stephen to look at the trend data and see if that is where your problem resides.

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