Looks like the start of root rot 😩

Not sure how to fix her. 32 days in. I trimmed of two dead lower leaves before taking pics. Roots did not look this brown color two days ago but they were starting to tangle at that point. Now they are dark in color and tangled more. I’ve used only distilled water but concerned that nutrient bottle 1 is basically full and nutrient bottle 2 has a a tiny bit used.


Could just be nutrients dispensing directly onto the roots


I’ve never grown before I’m not quite sure what to do lol. Is it normal bottle 1 and 2 is still full? Also she seems very small in size compared to other growers. Do you think it’s a good time for topping? Also I don’t use hydro guard or anything is that something that has to be used? Thanks for the help.


Roots actually look good! Advise no more peaking at them as much as possible, they prefer darkness always. She’s not too small for the time frame she’s been alive, top her on the 5th node which looks like your there now or the next set of leave that start to poke out! Your nute levels look normal right now I wouldn’t worry Grobo knows the game! I would recommend some hydro guard for higher water temps above 70 degrees. Hang in there and give her some more time she will speed up soon! Cheers.


What’s the water temp?? :+1::v:

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