Looks a lot like a white Xmas

Motor Breath indica 40 Days into flowering


Motorbrearhe is fireeee love the nose on that

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Your plant is great.
How many bottles of each number did you go threw?
What is the date you planted?
How long was your budding cycle?

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My plant I was born late July … but I had put it in soil originally as it was a bag seed that I just wanted to experiment with … I had some bad luck with my first grow so I woke up one day and decided I’m going to transplant the plant into the grobo… so I did… plant was in shock for about two weeks and then she perked up and became a little beast… she would’ve been much bigger if I threw her into the grobo originally …

I’m harvest the day of Xmas… and I have went through half my ph bottles and I’m low on 3,4,5 so I figure one bottle of 3,4,5 per grow …

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I may be nearly a year late on this but that sounds like a legit well thought out idea. You saw the pics I recently shared with the burnt tips. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered, fam. :raised_hands::v: