Looking for reviews on the new seals

Hey folks, currently living in an apartment in an illegal state. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the new seals on the grobo machine and whether or not they’ve actually worked at containing the smell of the grow.

If not anyone had any experience with alternative set ups that worked, I was thinking set up a tent around it and hook up an inline fan/filter combo to the tent itself so its “double filtred”

Thanks y’all.


Some people use Ona gel to help combat and unwanted smell, can’t speak for new seals as I have an older model Grobo. That being said I don’t notice a smell from mine. She’s in full flower right now and I only get a smell when I have the door open. Then yes, it reeks of cannabis lol. I just light a scented candle and it’s gone within a few mins. Also my unit is out in the open in my living room and have people over all the time. No one has once said your house smells of pot.


I’ve not done much to mask the smell. I live in a small apartment and my grobo is located near my door. I am growing Northern Lights and currently flowering. It does smell in my apartment, but it isn’t overwhelming and you can’t smell it out in the hallway. I purposely picked strains that weren’t gas or skunk to avoid a stronger odor.


Boil cinnamon … it overpowers they weed smell it’s what I do






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I own a beta version of the grobo, so I can’t speak to the abilities of the newer unit’s door gaskets.
But, I do know you can achieve complete stealth with the “double filtered” technique.
I had a very strong smelling plant, and there was zero indication I was growing when the tent was zipped up. It doesn’t require anything more than a 2x2 tent, 4” fan and filter…

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