Looking for experienced growers to consult


This is my first time joining a forum like this, I’m hoping the community will be able to point me in the right directions.

As many of you may have heard, Thailand is near passing the bill to legalize the use of medical cannabis. My friend who is currently working closely with a couple hospitals in Bangkok is in discussions to start a brand new department for this.

He is looking for growers to help consult and kick start the fundamentals of operations and teach local growers in Thailand.

If any of you know anyone that might spark an interest in assisting, please reach out to me.



I lived in Thailand for 7 years and speak Thai quite well. I too am interested. Lived in Bangkok and Phuket where I taught English. Let me know if you need help👍

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Wouldn’t necessarily say i’m an expert grower… but I got the basics down and i’m Willing to help out however I can!

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