Look at my grow now

Look at my grow now… I’m starting to flower next feeding. Monday or Tuesday…


I’m Jelly


It stretched like crazy looks amazing

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I’ve got to pluck it… Not prune. Just cleaning it up so my bud’s will grow Big Big Bud’s.
I made a video check it out. It’s on. This blog under community.
Thanks for your positive comments. Lets me know if I’m doing good…

My newest video… Check it out and I’ve started my OGBB’S flowering as of today they got there first 4gal of flower power. And later today I’m making a video on training and stressing your plants for a fuller and bigger yeild.

I got the last part to my Auto watering system… I’ll be building that in a week mon or Tuesday so I’ve got a few things on my plate and will share my knowledge with you ALL. Because that’s what we do

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