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Grobo Team,

As you can tell, I’m very active on this forum and I am very excited for this product to be finalized! I’m on social media just now and see one of your competitors (Seedo Lab) posting they will be hosting a live steam harvest. I think this is a fantastic idea and customers would love to see the unit in action, what are the chances we can have Grobo provide us with something similar? Just a thought! I’ll let you and the team discuss and hopefully you guys can come up with something!



Hi Rich,
I will be watching the Seedo event tomorrow as well. I have not been so active on this site, but I am VERY active when it comes to dipping in to this new technology. I had a fabulous grow in a beta concept model of the Cloudponics machine. It was a flawless grow, but again this unit was not the full on production model. In a couple of months their next generation machine will be finding its way to our home, and I am also waiting for the full production models of Seedo and The Leaf. They are both slated to be arriving in March of 2018. This is a very exciting time. While I am growing outdoors right now (for my last time), I feel in my gut that I am an indoor guy at heart. Not only for superb quality, but pristine growing environment and no bugs, infestation, etc.



You’ll have to post some feedback regarding the outcome, I’m not certain I’ll be able to make the stream today. Wow, that’s going to be an exciting couple of months as they begin to trickle in! I’m a green thumb when it comes to growing so the Grobo was a savior when I first found the product. Very excited for final release and will look forward to flooding this forum with a very detailed log.

Grobo Team,

Can anyone provide a possible update and or some insight into this idea coming to life? Maybe there have been talks internally that we aren’t aware of, if so, can you provide an update?


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This post has been up for 11 days and has gone unanswered by anyone at your team, how does this happen? I truly cannot wrap my head around this, I’ve attempted to be very patient with all of the pre populated generic answers thrown at us. We deserve a lot more than what we are being provided, truly you must have a social media and or customer service representative that handles this type of work, but to go unanswered/acknowledged by anyone at Grobo is truly disappointing. I would find it much easier to address my customers concerns vs going on ignoring them and not providing any sort of rebuttal, its just disrespectful. Common respect in business seems to be a dying breed.

You say that you guys are updating social media constantly, yet all you have done is circulated old pictures from each of your accounts all while passing it off as new and updated information. That’s just not the best business practice in my book and I expect much more from a team that speaks so highly of their product and quality of service they are looking to bring to the market.

There has got to be something more that we are not privy to at this point as we have not heard directly from any of the beta testers on this forum (please correct me if I’m wrong) which I find very odd. Not one person (again, correct me if I’m wrong) on this forum has come out as a beta tester, provided pictures, logs/journals, etc. Are you restricting their results from the community, if so, please explain as to why this step was taken as I feel any proprietary information you are possibly concerned about would not be released/exposed from the beta testers simply logging their grow journals or basic pictures.

Would GREATLY appreciate anyone from the Grobo Team to get back to me. Bjorn when reading this, please do not take personal, very passionate and excited customer who wants their product. Thank you for understanding.


Hi Rich,

No offense taken, we love the passion!!

I know updates and information have been sparse lately and I apologize for that. This is not the level of customer service we want to provide and we promise to do better.

Unfortunately both our marketing lead and business co-op went back to school a few weeks ago. This means that while 11 people work on the product every day, I have been alone in handling our business, operations, marketing, etc for the past few weeks which is why communication has slowed down. I am currently on the road meeting with investors to continue expanding Grobo so we have all been short on time, to say the least!

The really exciting news, however, is that in by the end of September a new COO, Operations Manager, and Marketing Lead will all be joining us! They will be instrumental in helping to get information and updates out faster, answer your questions, and more. Our team is expanding to 16 people and I’m sure you will notice the difference as we continue to ensure that we deliver the best product to you.

Now in terms of the question at hand regarding a live harvest, it’s certainly something we could do in the future. We have currently been focusing our efforts on creating guides and educational content from our harvests and honestly hadn’t thought about sharing one live yet. Below you can see a picture from a harvest in July that is going into our harvesting guide.

In terms of beta testers, we have units in Montreal, Toronto, Waterloo, Calgary and San Francisco, however all testers have signed Hardware Evaluation Agreements which limit them from sharing any information publicly. This step was taken because certain aspects of the product can change significantly based on their feedback, so we do not want to create any confusion through online discussions related to any of their experiences.

Again we really do appreciate your patience and understanding. Our focus is entirely on making sure you are happy with your Grobo and I know the wait will be worth it!



Hi Bjorn,

Thank you for the response, as always I appreciate it.

Speaking of updates, should we be expecting the August update to be released to us soon?

With the harvest suggestion, it doesn’t have to be live, but just possibly record your next harvest and upload to the community after your team makes the proper edits. Again, these are just ideas, and by no means do they need to come to life while we wait for the units.

The harvest below looks very pretty, very nice trichomes. What strain is shown here and what was the overall yield for this particular harvest?

Thank you for your patience as well during what I know is a very exciting yet demanding time in your career, I wish you guys continued success and positive growth!


The latest update was sent earlier today! Stephen will know more about which strain this was and the yield.

That is the Sour Kush from Canuk which produced a yield of 76 grams of dry flower.



Quite impressive. Did you do some topping or lst?

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