Liquid Glass Disappeared in Small Spot

Has this happened to anyone? The liquid glass that obscures the view of the plant has gone completely see through in the spot you see in the pic. I woke up to high humidity in the Grobo yesterday morning, could that be the culprit?


Never happened to me but the glass is affected by temperature.
I remember that some people had to wait until their units warmed up from delivery for the glass to act right.
Might want to check with support though.


Looks like it is failing.

I would follow up with support.


Just wanted to give an update on this just in case anyone has or comes across this problem. I took apart the door out of curiosity before starting my current grow and the liquid glass is made up of two panels with a sheet sandwiched between it. The panel facing the inside of the grobo is mirrored. That dark spot you see on my glass is due to the silver backing deteriorating in that spot. I might try repairing it with mirror-colored spray paint down the line, but it doesn’t really bother me enough yet to go through the trouble.


There’s definitely moisture, you can see where it’s built up between the glass. Not sure there’s anything you can do other than replacing the glass, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Did you open a tick with support? They may send a replacement piece of the glass.

I opened up the glass, there’s no moisture. Just silver backing missing.

I’m out of warranty so I haven’t spoken to them about it.

Like this for example

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[video on replacing mirror silver - Google Search]