Lights suddenly went off

Lights suddenly went off also, I couldn’t get into the unit manually or through the app. I looked for answers on this forum. I unplugged and plugged it back up after 15 seconds. Maybe a minute later everything went back to normal. Thinking what did I do different before all of this happened… Than it came to me! I was writing in the journal, as I do every now and than. This time though, I added a thumbs up emoji. App wouldn’t let me save or tell me anything really. After trying a couple of times I took the emoji out and it finally saved. After that save though all of the problems started. Everything’s good now, just a heads up… Maybe something, maybe nothing. This forum answers many questions and I appreciate all the help!

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What day is your grow on

Day 12. All is good now. Was just giving a heads up since it was weird.

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Going forward no emojis for me lol.

It does happen from time to time regardless of your journal entry or emoji issue which is likely separate.
If it happens you did the right thing . Unplug for 10 seconds

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Hey @Popi8088,

Please email me at as your unit does seem to be a bit weird. I’ll dig in and offer some troubleshooting tips for you. Also notice you aren’t running a clone recipe. Clones will struggle in the germination stage for sure. I’m here for ya and will get you up and running. Chat over on the support side soon…