Lighting time

Hi, I just received a notification saying that grobo is switching to 12 hrs of light per day. Do I have to change that manually or will grobo do that automatically? And if I do have to do it manually what times should I set it for?

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Hey @Kidiz1224,

Good question! You don’t have to do anything. If you are running a photoperiod dependent strain (Not an auto) you may want to asses if you need to add more time to your veg stage. You can do this with our new Shift Schedule feature, found under the maintenance tab. I like to have the plant as high as the second fan when moving into transition stage. This is when your lights go to 12/12.



Thx stephen!!

Hey guys I actually just sent Grobo support an email regarding the lighting schedule. I planted NYC Diesel auto yesterday at 420pm it is now almost 8am & the light inside grobo hasnt turned off, is this normal?

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It’ll be on an 18/6 or 20/4 cycle of on/off until flower. Check under Settings > Change Light Settings and you can see the times and adjust it.

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Thanks for the response Tito





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Its best solution in any case.