Lighting on late veg

1st grow and on day 65. Still not flowering. Late veg. Just noticed lighting schedule is 12/12. Is that ok for late veg. Have moved back 3 weeks already. Should I change lighting ?

65*. Ph5.8. Adding hydrogro. RO water.


Shell never flower if you dont flip to 12 12.

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In transition stage she flips and will start to stretch for flowering I thi k she looks big enough to flip. I would always prefer to be short of the light than too big and crushed at the light. Your cannabis will be dramatically different in quality. Look at my 2 current grows as examples

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Todd. What is flipping? All new wording for this new bee !

When you flip your changing what the plant is doing. Ie. Vegetation. Late vegetation. And then in transition youll see all the branches shoot straight up in like ten to 14 days. That period of time your lights go from 20/4 or 18/6 to 12/12. Autos dont change they stay 18/6 hrs on off. I suspect this. Most photo period plants (not autos) are a 60 day flower. Most autos are 30. So 60 more days and your on track maybe you added a week or two

That pH is low no?

Looks good to me. Stephen would have to say for sure though

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Yeah I was just poking around and if it’s in range then perfect, just seemed low to me when I read it at first