Lighting issues

So, about a week ago, I noticed my LED would randomly turn on and off, the door would randomly not lock, and the glass seemed to have a mind of its own.

Submitted a trouble ticket.

I have to say here, for all to see, that the back end support from Grobo has been amazing!

Quick replies. Excellently detailed trouble shooting guides. Looks like I’ll have a fresh motherboard/LED on the way as well.

From what I can tell, my unit (after following their guides) has been behaving itself, though I’m not watching it 24/7. Customer/Tech support has reached out several times to let me know they’re seeing stuff behind the scenes that isn’t quite up to their specs all the same.

Thanks Team Grobo!! It’s fantastic knowing someone has your back!! Looking forward to resolving the issues in the very near future :grinning:


Happy to assist you! :slight_smile: