Lighting change

So I recently got my grobo set to (pst). But the light is still set to come on at 2am off at 2pm. My question is would it hurt the plant if I changed the light schedule to 5am to 5pm?


No it will not hurt the plant at all, it will still be getting the same amount of time per day!
Its important to switch it if the hours arent convenient for you to care for the plant.
I try to set mine on the off peak hours so electricity isn’t high! :eyes::seedling:


Thanks, I have a crap ton of solar on my roof so not super worried about the power.

Have you ever experienced one of your nutrient bottles running dry bye day 71 on a single grow. I use distilled water on every change.

It’s common for bottles 3,4,5 if you extended the grow at all. If you are referring to bottles one or two then it could be a ph sensor issue.


Whenever your plant empties a full nute bottle before harvest I would do three things.

  1. mark my nute bottles with perm marker going forward for all grows.
  2. recalibrate to be sure its not a probe out of sync.
  3. keep track of your strains and how they respond so you dont freak out when you grow this strain again and can cancel out whats normal fir this strain. :eyes::seedling:

Thank you, I did extend the grow so that answers my question. Thank you I love this forum people are always so helpful and full of knowledge.


Happy to help grower!

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