Light not on [RESOLVED]

Hey AG so I woke up this morning to find my light off when it should have came on at 5am. It’s now 6:30. I cycled power and tried changing the light schedule but no luck. I’m on day 23/28 late veg. I haven’t changed my light schedule in sometime but the screen on the app seemed different to me. I put in a ticket to support. Hopefully it’s a programming issue and not a faulty light
@Todd.grobo any ideas? Seems you’ve encountered light problems before. Thanks


No lights either

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Same here

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Good to know thanks everyone

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Could be server issues. Mine are both in drying mode so no lights but hopefully someone can let us know if its server side or not


Thanks Todd. @Dani got back to me through support and the bug has been fixed. I’m not home to confirm but I’ll take their word for it. Thanks again grobo team for quick response!


You got told a bug I got told my wifi connection is low. I call BS

My lights were on, but the app seems to be acting up.

I haven’t been in the app today but haven’t had any problems with my lights. :crossed_fingers: Does seem odd that it would happen to 3 people in one day though. :confused:

Hey Growers,

Sorry about that, we found the app experienced an outage this morning in the wee hours and fixed it right up as soon as we could. You should be back up and operating normally now. Please contact us at if you are still experiencing issues.

@AandM-farms I spoke to support about your case today, seems your issue isn’t just the crash from this morning. Have you moved the unit closer to your router?



Hi Stephen,

Thank you for reaching out. I have been back up and running since early am. Was long day at work. My Grobo is within 10 ft.of router. Like I stated I have not had any wifi connection issues just my led light went out until obviously Tech support reset the app from the crash. I repowered my unit at 330am and led light went back on with no need for me to go into app.

I will try my best to move Grobo closer to my wifi router.

Thank you


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