Light issues [RESOLVED]

I don’t own a grobo yet but I wanted to create this topic and ask what do you do if your grobo light dies out or burns out


It hasn’t happened to me, but I already have some spare grow lights, bunch of power banks and a UPS just in case of a power outage or my light dies.

I was wondering what do you do tho, like ur light craps out do you have to buy a whole new machine?

The grobo comes with a 1 year warranty and you can also purchase a 3 year extended warranty. Most credit cards will cover your warranty for an extra year after your current warranty expire (I would check your credit card policy on that as my chase card offers it).

If the warranty expires, and your light dies, you can purchase replacement parts and repair it yourself through grobo support. I have seen several growers do it before.


Thanks for the info

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Thanks @Vicc,

Nailed it!



how do you go about getting Chase credit card to cover your warranty for an extra year?

Most Chase Visa cards should provide extended warranty protection by default, you should be able to call in support to get more details on how it works. Normally you wont need it unless you file the actual claim.

Its like a perk that almost no one knows about but have for being a cardholder.

However here is the published extended warranty protection policy with chase:


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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