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On the first fill it took 3.5 gallons to fill on this water change it only took 2.5. Before the machine said it was full. Should I add or let it be?

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If you are on your second drain/fill, day 15 then you are good. Once you hit early veg the unit fills to a lower level to allow your pod less contact with water to avoid damping off. It should be sitting at the mid level sensor in the res and your roots close to if not submerged in the water. Also, it doesn’t FULLY drain and you will learn this when you go to harvest and clean your res.


Was it really 3.5 gallons for the first fill? I don’t remember it being that much. I thought it was 2.5 or 2.75-ish

Yea for some reason it was a little over 3 gallons on my first fill but this time it only took 2.5 so ur most likely right. Just seemed odd going to start taking pics now that she is standing tall lol with no real hang ups so far thanks for the info

Are you sure? The capacity of the reservoir is only 3 gallons.

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Yea the first rip it took 3 full distilled gallon jugs and a 1/4 of the forth. My next fill 2.5

Correct, the res is 11L (2.91 Gal.). @Sampson39 I think whoever you’re getting that water from is skimping on you!

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It wasn’t a problem at all just curious via they where just plain jane distilled gallon jugs from Tom Thumb. But thanks for the information

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