Let’s grow Grobo

My thinking is not really! They all grow clones, if they grow outdoors I think. Can’t see any other way. Season too short. Although indica does thrive in cold climates so who knows… Sativa is for the sun gods

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Yes read on that…really was trying to do all Indica inside the Grobo because of the limit to height

Love the indica.

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That’s what I have in the Grobo. Dos Si Do at 32 percent thc and I have one in my big tent along with 2 GMO Cookies

My Grobo Dos Si Do:


First tap root day 10…looking good so far


What type of water are you using my man? Are you adding anything else to it prior to filling your reservoir? Your unit has dispensed a lot of pH Down (bottle 2) for such a short amount of time.

Yeah I know due to the fact I didn’t do a ph check before fill. But using Hydroguard and Recharge

But I’m using RO water. Ph at 6.5 before I add Hydroguard and Recharge

Thats odd, did you calibrate the Grobo pH probe prior to starting your grow? You shouldn’t need to adjust pH if using RO Water with only those additives. Do you have your own handheld pH meter? If so, I would check the water in your reservoir and see if the pH is off.

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Going to check now and I do have a Ph meter

:+1:Let me know


Strange, that it’s still reading high. You have calibration solution by chance?

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Yes and calibrated when opened

Got you, I would submit a ticket and get it worked out with support before it becomes an issue. It’s not like it’s crazy high but it is almost out of range which is not right as your Grobo checks hour but hour to ensure that it is perfect. Out of curiosity, do you have any of that RO water on hand? If so, what is it’s pH?

The recharge is probably raising the pH which is causing grobo to want to lower it.

Their (real growers) website mentions that this will happen and not to adjust for it. My guess as to why they say to not do that is that once it’s working it should level out on its own – the bacteria will eventually bring the pH down or otherwise get the plant to eat (or at least, that’s what happens in soil when recharge is applied) as they do their natural functions. :petri_dish:

pH’ing it down yourself after adding the recharge might avoid using up grobo pH but I’d wonder if that isn’t good for the bacteria itself, or even just the ppm levels. Less stuff in the water is usually better, and if the pH down kills the bacteria then that wouldn’t be very useful either.

I’d dial down the amount of recharge, big time – it’s only day 10 (?) and there’s already that much sediment… I see (deep) cleaning in your future. :slight_smile: :broom:

If it’s like the products I’ve used then the suggested amounts are meant for soil (not hydro) which is anywhere from 5x-20x the concentration we require. This can be considered a smaller grow (single reservoir, single plant, space-constrained environment) so the nutrient/additive needs are even lower than the typical or average which is what the guidelines are for (general use).

When using any soil additives in grobo, I have been using 1/5th to 1/20th of the recommended dose, and even then that could be too much. So far I have tried great white mycos powder, root rescue powder, big bud powder, and dr marijane probiotic powder. The first two (when combined) are basically the same thing as recharge.


What dosage of Recharge are you using @Cutty3026

@vegetato is absolutely correct. When using Recharge, in order to not diminish it’s effectivity you should be pHing your RO water and hydroguard mixture, allowing it to sit for an hour or so and then adding Recharge. If you just fill the reservoir with non-pHed solution the grobo will adjust the pH and inhibit the benefits of using Recharge.

This was what the water looked like going in:

This is what the res looked like in the end:

It does come clean, though: