Lemon Kush flower day 12/42- any advice?

Here’s my baby- looking good. As a new grower, should I trim anything at the bottom or would that stress my plant?


id chop off the bottom 40 percent


couple of your branches too. If you have aloe at home dip the cut part on the stalk with the aloe and it will heal overnight.
Cut off the branches not over the 2nd fan


Hi Todd. Would I cut the entire branches at the 40% bottom (below the fan)? And that wouldn’t stress the plant? Also, the cuttings- can I make canna butter with them - would there be enough trichomes in the leaves to?

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Entire branch at the base where it meets the plant. Yes so youll have to add a week time to recover in the next stage. No you cant make canabutter with them. Would not be enough or matured crystals. Wait till later.


I’ve come to learn that @Todd.grobo is right about just removing the bottom 40%/leaving around 12" of canopy. I dont have to do that with my outdoor grows, but for 2 runs in the grobo those lower bud sites just don’t receive enough light and are so small that you see the wasted energy. I tried to supplement with additional lighting, but removing is better.