Leaving for vacation

Leaving for 8 days, can I drain and fill when I leave and again once I get back?

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Should be fine. You’ll just be a day later is all. Will you get your drain and fill notice just before you leave?


The regular schedule is on Thursday, but I’m leaving on Sunday. I was thinking doing it both days.

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Just wait on drain and fill till right before you leave. That’s what I’d do. Alternatively you could pm @Stephen and get his input.

Second what @Osage said

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Thanks everyone!

Hey @wayne,

I see you are well into the flower stage, so my concern at this stage for you is keeping enough water in the unit for 8 days, as the plant may drink the entire reservoir. I’d drain and fill just before you leave, and add a couple extra litres of water into the tank. This should give your plant enough to drink while you are gone. Alternatively, have someone you trust stop by to fill the unit while you are gone.

Enjoy the vacation!


Stephen,I will follow your directions!