Leaves brown

I was checking information online as to why my plants second set of leaves were turning brown… I read something on there about keeping the PH sensor in a solution if there’s no water. Due to the fact that the light was not on in my machine When I got it, I drained the water so I could move the machine and investigate the problem; Grobo gave me directions. The machine got fixed and is up and running again, But I fear because I had to fix things on the machine after I had already attempted to grow that now things are not calibrated correctly. How can I fix this or check if things are working accordingly?


Send in a ticket to support@grobo.io so they can review and adjust you’ll be fine


Best advice @Todd.grobo, but if you ever need to recalibrate you can go to the app and look under the maintenance tab to find calibration and it will walk you through.


I have the same problem., I guess its a PH problem. I have the same problem in my second grow,.I clean the grobo, I buy the PH calibration and start my second grow, After a few weeks I have some dead leafs, I drain the unit complety and I add new water and remove the dead leafs, and it now looks good.

it recover very well, Check PH, and add new water



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